Why is the Laughing Goat’s coffee so amazingly delicious?

Photo by Joshua Lawton

The answer is the love put into it at every step of the process from the grower to the roaster, from the barista to you!

The coffees we proudly offer you are the finest single origin varietals, organically certified, fairly traded premium coffees of distinction roasted to their optimal flavor profile by the Kaladi Brothers of Denver, one of the finest small batch boutique roasters anywhere. Their approach to roasting technology and methodology is aromatically driven, preserving all the magic and intensity, all the rich & subtle nuances of the coffee’s flavors, so that their coffee tastes as good as fresh coffee smells the moment you first grind it!

Our motivation is to present the best, to cultivate and strengthen our direct relationships with the creators of these amazing coffees, to reward excellence and sustain quality and to protect and sustain the environment and the workers that make this amazing coffee possible. Some of our best selling coffees are shade grown in settings protecting the natural refuges of migratory birds & the natural flora and fauna. Others are grown and processed and produced entirely by all women’s cooperatives, supporting women’s rights in developing countries. We support these suppliers and pay premium price for their coffees so that this level of quality can be sustainable and can continue to exist, because we believe it's important to support what you love!